Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Saw a Kudu--What Did You Do?

Yesterday Dad, John and I went to Nelspruit, South Africa to buy a television. We heard about a place called "Chimp Eden," a chimpanzee sanctuary near Nelspruit, and decided to go see the chimpanzees. We also saw some impala, kudu, and sable antelope along the way. It's so fun to see those guys randomly standing around rather than at a zoo--I really didn't think it would be that different before taking this trip.


  1. I think all chimps should be in the wild instead of owned by humans. Glad you're having fun!!! :o)

  2. Yes, that would be nice. All the chimps in the reserve were rescued from other human owners (some were in the circus, some were kept as pets, etc.) and couldn't be reintroduced in the wild, so this was the next best thing.